I have a bald spot or two…

I left my hair in a loose bun for 4 days, it also needed a wash because it had been almost a month since my last wash day. I was being lazy and wanted to stretch it for a couple of days maybe a week. One question I always get is how do you handle all that hair and my answer has always been patience and always give yourself enough time, because there is no way to do a rush job (you can optimise your time but trust me you can’t rush).


So knowing all this…how come I have a bald spot or two?

Well, I decided to moisturise and detangle my hair after work…I thought I had enough time, by the time I got to the last section I was tired and just wanted it to be over and well I don’t know if I was just pulling my hair with the comb, before I knew it I had yanked out what looked like two different sections #ouch and just looked horrified. At this time It really did not sink in until the next day. I have sore spots where the hair got pulled out and I can see clearly that a section is gone.

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*Moral of the story don’t be in a rush and give yourself enough time.


I have searched online and my hair could grow back…I’m on a restoration project for the next three months. I have got my castor oil on deck and will be embarking on a somewhat rigorous routine.

Also, if unlike me you don’t know how your bald spot came into existence, you should consider going to see a professional (Trichologist), assess your routine, incorporate a new routine, use less heat and finally implement a low manipulation protective style.


Thank you for  stopping by….if this has been helpful leave a comment



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