The Benefits of Deep Conditioning with oils…

I have not really protective styled my hair for maybe a year -I know not good- i have been having way to much fun with it, but thats not to say i have not been protecting it. I love Deep Conditioning my hair beauces thats my excuse to break out the Coconut-Oil *HAPPY DANCE* Some of you may know, if you have been following my on Instagram that i am a TAD obsessed with *COCONUT-OIL*

As it is I am obsessed with deep conditioning my hair, especially with the past cold months. I love me some Coconut oil, so it had to be part of my deep conditioning routine – my current routine includes the below oils.

Coconut Oil – Natural Conditioner, stimulates hair growth, adds luster, shine and softness to hair also contributes to hair length.

Almond Oil – nourishes and strengthens, best for treating hair loss and damaged hair also adds silkiness and shine.
Mustard oil – stimulates growth by increasing circulation in scalp and promotes hair growth.

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Like everyone I want better looking hair, less breakage, lustre, moisture and improved elasticity. So when Deep Conditioning the four things i think about are:

Damage: They always say prevention is better than cure…in this case it is soooo true!

Deep conditioning can help prevent damage to your hair – it improves texture and moisture, which in turn will reduce breakage and improve the health of your hair. At this very moment my hair does not feel or look damaged, but by regulaarly Deep Conditioning as part of my routine i am mainiting the health of my hair.

Moisture: Natural Hair needs alot of moisture beacuse it can easliy become dry and brittle, which can casue breakage. To avoid this, opt for a moisturising conditioner.

Elasticity: To avoid dry, brittle and breakage prone hair, your hair needs to be nourished, strong and moisturised. Improving elasticity goes hand in hand with Moisture Rentention – you will need products with natural oils (argan/olive oil)

Shine: We all want shiny hair and regualary deep conditioning can restore luster and shine


*Like i always say, i am not a professional – this is what i have learnt when dealing with my hair.




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