Get To Know My Hair

  • How Long have you been Natural: Since late 2012 (over 4 years)


  • Why did you go Natural: My hair has always been healthy, partly because i stretched my relaxer (relaxed every 3-4 months) but hated it when i would relax it and then it seemed to lose life and become limp – i especially hated when it was straightened. i was getting to the end of my stretch and just decided…you know what, i don’t want to relax it anymore and i just didn’t (around this time i started seeing alot of girls with Natural Hair and even friends)
  • Do you regret your decision: No…wish i had gone Natural earlier.
  • Big Chop or Transition: I transitioned for a year and had my hair in protective styles (mostly braids and ghana weave), by year one all of my hair was pretty much natural. i guess i did a semi big chop because i still had some relaxed ends to get rid of.
  • How Has being Natural changed your Lifestlye: I have become more aware of what goes into my body, because ultimately it will affect my hair (you are what you eat).
  • What advise can you give anyone thinking of going Natural: Natural hair really is a lifestyle change so be ready to make changes. Patience is the master KEY – if you don’t want to shave your hair out of frustration…you must be patient and plan your washday (basically set a simple routine) and lastly be careful of the urge to become a product junkie – check out my YouTube video where i talk about my current go to products Product Junkie Or NAh!

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